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‘’building a website is easy, designing one takes skill’’ – Paul Scrivers

We are renowned for being among the best website development company in Nigeria, our web maintenance and development services helps client grow their businesses online. We build websites that are user friendly, responsive, visually beautiful, functionally effective and also search engine friendly which is an important quality of a website. We are focused on exceeding our client business objectives, we are also well experienced in website management, working with clients within and outside Nigeria through various communication channels.

At Samjay Hub, we understand your need for an integrated , innovative and beautifully designed website, hence our provision for professional developers that are focused on creating an inspiring , fresh and technically responsive web pages for your website. Whether your requirement is of a complex nature or a simple one, our website development services will cater for your needs, give your audience an exceptional satisfaction, and a reason to not only explore your entire website from start to finish, but to also have you do their next project. This is because our intention is to improve your business and cement your online identity.

An enhanced corporate image that is borne out of a well-conceived and planned website does the following to a business:

  • Boost return on investment
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Improved customer service
  • Cost reduction
  • Trust

To create a website for your business, go for such a website which is attractive, speedy and easily understandable by even a layman. Your website will be popular soon. Samjay Hub as website developer, design & develop a website for you, which enhances your companies image, as well as your individual image. We try to use optimized graphics, as they take short time to download. We provide our services at reasonable prices. 

Our Skills: Web Design & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, and Multimedia Development.

Our Technical Experience: Plain HTML, CSS, All graphics packages, ASP, Microsoft.Net , SQL, My SQL, JSP, Java & PHP.

In building a website, there are two key phases namely:

First, Client side coding – focuses on the layout and design
Second, Server side coding – focuses on backend functionalities and backend systems
“I am sure you are wondering why the tutorial?”

Here is what we are driving at: 

We understand the challenges faced by companies’ web administrators when there is a bug in the backend systems of the website and how much valuable time and resources that goes into fixing it.

This is why we make our website design as easy as possible and give free training to the web administrator of client’s organisation, so that they can handle the basic troubleshooting and fixing of errors and bugs by themselves, thereby saving cost and their invaluable time. Let’s just say, you only pay us for the development of your website, but you get to have a trained backend administrator in your organisation for FREE.

Our website development service includes:

  • Back-end development – Content management systems
  • UX Design
  • web content development
  • Front-end development – Website design
  • Security configuration – We keep the website safe from intrusion of any kind.
  • Plugin integration – E-Commerce development, Social media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Information architecture
  • Web server configuration
  • Website/code maintenance

Our custom web development service is for:

  • Web portals
  • Web applications
  • Custom websites

Our Approach:

We  approach to meeting clients’ is as follows:

  • Deep understanding of the client’s business and objectives
  • Strategic planning and in-house collaboration
  • Collaboration and continuous communication with client’s personnel
  • Well-planned user experience
  • Design of a unique, user-friendly, interactive, and visually appealing website
  • User-centered, and objective-driven approach to project

Our Web Design & Development Toolkit

Samjay Hub Web Design Process

The project methodology comprises the steps we take in taking a project from initiation to completion. While the primary purpose of this methodology is to ensure that clients’ objectives are met, it also ensures that the client has a great experience during the web design process

Features to Expect on Your Website

There are some features you can always expect on your website if developed by Samjay Hub. These features are key to the success our clients have experienced through their websites.