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Digital Billboard


Every businesses and brands require indoor/outdoor ads through our high resolution media screens for awareness and revenue generation.

Billboard advertising is a great way to get he attention of regular commuters on the road, city, and other public areas. A billboard can be plain and just advertise your company’s name, product, values, or services. This is a good way of reaching possible consumers, and using your money wisely. A better way of billboard advertising is to make the ad memorable. More preferably creative! By creating a funny, interesting, or sexual ad you will be able to create a buzz about your product. Now a days people have smartphones, and I am sure if something catches their eye they will take a picture. They will often share it with their friends, which creates a huge social media based snowball effect. In today’s digital advertisement, it offers new formats, new technologies and more creative thinkers to help agencies take their messages further. The present innovative nature of the industry in all parts of business has help to keep the pace between advertising and the audience.

At Samjay Hub, we offer bespoke advertising campaigns for indoor and outdoor billboards. They are LED display media screens that are full colour animated images, and plays text, pictures and movies, to showcase your business. Our indoor billboard advertisement gives you the leverage of reaching high net worth clients in business areas, people that are normally hard to reach. The indoor adverts are placed in non-traditional locations like reception lounge, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theatres etc.

Studies have showed that indoor advertising have impressions that can be as low as 30 seconds or as much as 4 minutes, but the typical impression is 2 mins. During this period, your audience is intrigued and captivated, while staring at the colourful ad that is few metres away from her eyes.

Our Outdoor billboards are much brighter that indoor line since there will be competition with the sun. They are built to withstand high winds, rain and humidity. Unlike indoor displays, outdoor media screens displays different messages and promotional items for everybody to see. It takes advantage of the wide audience to promote your brand and create awareness more effectively. Outdoor billboards can be planned to reach targeted audience, has a huge presence, compelling and is cost effective.

The advantages you get by allowing us handle your indoor and outdoor billboards are:

  • We make your business seen in a brighter and full colour display
  • Unlimited advertisement – we program as many messages as you like, whenever you want it.
  • Our video adverts are of high resolution
  • Our display billboards are easy to assemble and maintain
  • You get to save on electricity because they draw very little current
  • They are weatherproof
  • They can be easily resold if you upgrade to a new sign or business
  • We have simple and free software to upload and update your LED signs in seconds.
  • Our digital billboard adverts offer creative potential to cut through the clutter and get people’s attention wherever the play, shop, travel and work. It is highly adaptable and it offers virtually unlimited potentials.