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Samjay Hub, No 1. vehicle branding service in Lagos for effective brand promotion​

At Samjay Hub, we provide the right vehicle graphic solution for your company. The signage service is tailored to meet your unique branding needs.We design graphics for every form vehicle by using our advanced techniques to create a simple and neat design.

The types of vehicle graphics we offer are:

  1. Vehicle wrap design
  2. Van graphics design
  3. Car graphics design
  4. Bus graphics design
  5. Reflective vehicle markings
  6. Fleet graphics design
  7. Promotional vinyl graphics

Your company or business vehicle is very vital as an advertising opportunity. It creates first impression to potential clients and also as a reminder for existing clients.

Vehicle branding is like have a mobile billboard – cheap advertisement. This form of outdoor media is cost effective and very good in exposing brand to the public.

Benefits of branding your vehicle:

  • Brand consistency – it helps to unify a campaign look and feel of the company’s image.
  • Local targeting – it increase awareness where your business is located and it draws the attention of pedestrians in your locality
  • Strategic versatility – a branded vehicle design can be for long-term or short term. It can be controlled and can also be replaced or updated
  • Fixed advertising cost
  • Vehicle paint protection – it helps to increase the market value of the car when it is ready to be sold, because the paint will still look new.

The company’s image is one of its most valuable assets. Car branding is an easy way to make it known by your local audience, and optimise mobile advertisement efforts.


  • Boosts brand recall
  • Enhances brand image
  • Serves as local advertising

Why choose us?

 Apart from the excellent market exposure you can get from our high –resolution car branding for your company automobiles, other benefits you can get are:

  • Wide range of graphic options
  • Expert design and production
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Futuristic design