“Never stop checking, and your image will never stop improving” – Anonymous

Brand audit helps companies determine inconsistencies and confusing elements in brands by studying ads and logos, to give your company image clarity and increase company value. ​

Every business needs to know what they presently have, before they can proceed to the next level. This cannot be possible without gaining insight of the background and content of the business: Brand Auditing.

Changes in marketplace with new competitors or old one rebranding or leaving affects the way a brand is seen. Also changes from the daily wide of operations, intentionally or unintentionally, can create inconsistencies and can be damaging to a brand. Whatever dimension it comes, auditing and evaluation of brands can pinpoint the causes and effect, gain detailed understanding of its present state, before planning the therapy to align the brand back with your values, goals and market position.

When do you need a brand audit?

You should consider audit of your brand:

  1. When there is a misconception in how the company is perceived
  2. When you intend to attract investors
  3. When sales are not at its peak
  4. When no one knows you
  5. When the company’s focus has changed
  6. When you are losing guard to competitors
  7. When your marketing strategies is not working
  8. When your social voice is inconsistent with your company’s identity
  9. When your company’s purpose or value does not match your tagline
  10. When your color, logo, and graphics do not reflect your company’s personality
  11. When your message is not clear
  12. When there are new trends and market opportunities

Brand audit helps companies determine inconsistencies and confusing elements in brands by studying ads and  logos, to give your company image clarity and increase company value. At Samjay Hub, our brand audit services look at everything that reveals the current state a brand, like the identity, strength and weaknesses, internal and external perception, and the market activity. These revelations is seen as a key therapy for businesses and help us in providing you with the insightful recommendations and direction needed for better market positioning and strengthening.

Our professional brand auditors use sophisticated tools and design process to come up with innovative concepts that provides solutions to your board. Some of these processes are:

  • Web Conceptualization
  • Redesigning 
  • Corporate visual charts 
  • Visual branding
  • Corporate imagery
  • Brand focus
  • Logo development


Why choose us?

Essentially a brand audit will reveal if your company is performing well or not, how it is perceived, and its position with competitors. Our brand audit exercise will not only do all the aforementioned, but also flag any potential problem.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy by letting us handle your brand audit include:

  • Provision of direction for your brand
  • Sound online and offline market communicaion
  • Improvement in brand management efforts and congruency
  • Improvement of internal staff collaboration
  • Sharp increase in online performance (Ranking, Traffic and Conversion), leading to increase in sales
  • Improvement in brand recognition and trust

We believe that you deserve to know how your brand is perceived by clients and prospects. You deserve a new and productive action plan. Above all, you deserve to be relevant. Let us put the spark back in your brand! Make that call today!